Monday, September 13, 2010

Hot Pad Knick Knack Holders


Hot pads from the dollar store..2/$1 makes the $0.50 each!!


Put some zip lock bags through the middle zipper out and even number on both sides and sew one straight line down the middle. I had to get a heavier duty needle because I broke the first couple. The needle for jeans worked great for me! Trim the rest of the bag opposite side of the seam from the zipper. The hot pads already have a loop on them, so you just need to sew a big button on the opposite side!


Great for first aid kits, and knick knacks.


I sewed this one with the seam on the bottom of the bags. Great for coupons, business cards, or receipts.


This one is a great size for an ipod. I sewed a seam down the top of it about 3/4ths the length..long enough for the ipod, then along the bottom. It left a small space in the end for the ipod cord!

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