Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"14 Days of Love"

Sorry I didn't share this a little sooner. I did the "14 Days of Love" for my sweetheart this year. My friend told me about it on the first day, so I had to think quick. It was fun, and he loved it! It was actually a bit of a challenge to come up with 14 days worth, but here are a couple of the ideas I did. Maybe they will work for you next year!The blocks I got from a little store up in Idaho where my sister lives. I glued some paper and sanded the edges. After this I wrote on it. Kiss, massage, ... lips, back...
I got these cute little mail boxes from the Target $1 bins, and covered them in scrapbook paper. I put some rub-ons on them and after I took the pics.. I also added some ribbon. Left little love notes for him a couple days.
This was for a 50-kisses day! He got 50 kisses and this cute little book to "keep track"..he didn't use it, but it was a fun idea. it has a little sticky notes note pad in it.A container of coupons!

*I wrote on the bathtub wall with some foam letters from Wal-Mart..they were $1/bag and I had to get 2 bags to have enough letters.
*I got some glow-in-the-dark stars and put them on the ceiling in our room to spell I love you.
*Notes on his toothbrush --"You make me smile", "I've got a sweet tooth for you", etc. idea here
*One day I wrote the words to a song on the mirror with a dry erase
*Heart Attack his car - didn't quite get to that one and was sad i didn't!..next year!
*Candy bar notes:"You are 'red hot'", "I 'skore'd getting you", "I love 'nerds', that's why I married you!"

Anyway, it was fun!

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Shaun and Katee Smith said...

How fun! I was going to do something like this for Shaun, but I didn't make it past day 3...and I forgot day 2. :S Oh well, there's always next year to plan for! =)